Zero emissions from Honda supercar concept

AutoTrader NZ
Published 3 September 2020

The three-seater, unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show, was developed by Honda’s US designs studio and explores how to satisfy performance enthusiasts in a world beyond petrol and diesel engines.

The lightweight coupe’s powerful electric motor provides supercar performance, and its ultra-low centre of gravity provides razor-sharp handling.

Honda says a fuel cell powertrain negates the need for bulky car components like an internal combustion engine and gearbox and could revolutionise car design.

The fuel cell (FC) stack is smaller than most powerplants and without the restrictions of having to accommodate a big engine and transmission, designers can explore much more radical styling directions.

The FC Sport is designed to accommodate a custom-formed high-power fuel cell stack between the rear seats, and a battery pack low in the middle of the car.

The electric motor sits just forward of the rear axle; two fuel storage tanks are located above the rear axle.   

The location of the fuel cell components allows for a large cabin by supercar standards, with space for three.

The driver sits in the centre of the car, with two passenger seats behind and to each side; the enclosed canopy opens upward from the rear to allow for entry and exit. Honda says the exterior body panels are intended to be made of plant-derived bio-plastics.

The FC Sport is purely a concept and Honda has no current plans to put it into production.