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Commercial vehicles in New Zealand, including vans, utes, and trucks, play a crucial role in various industries. With their robust design and versatility, these vehicles are capable of transporting goods and equipment efficiently. From spacious vans for cargo transportation to powerful utes and trucks for heavy-duty tasks, they offer reliability and flexibility to meet the diverse needs of businesses.

Commercial vehicles in New Zealand are available in a range of sizes and capacities, catering to different requirements. Vans provide ample cargo space, ideal for transporting goods with ease. Utes, with their sturdy build and towing capabilities, are well-suited for both commercial and recreational purposes. Trucks, known for their hauling power, are designed to tackle heavy loads and long-distance journeys. Whether it’s for construction, delivery, or trades, commercial vehicles in New Zealand offer the durability and performance needed to thrive in the demanding business landscape.

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We include in these search results any new and used vehicles for sale across New Zealand including the major centres such as Auckland (Auckland Region), Wellington (Wellington Region), Christchurch (Canterbury Region), Hamilton (Waikato Region), Tauranga (Bay of Plenty Region), Napier-Hastings (Hawke's Bay Region), Dunedin (Otago Region), Palmerston North (Manawatū Region), Nelson (Nelson Region), Queenstown (Otago Region), Rotorua (Bay of Plenty Region) and Whangārei (Northland Region).

Popular models

  • Toyota Hilux - Renowned for its ruggedness and reliability, the Hilux is a popular choice among businesses in New Zealand, offering exceptional towing capacity and off-road capability.
  • Ford Ranger - The Ranger combines power and comfort, making it a top pick for commercial use. With its spacious cabin and impressive payload capacity, it's perfect for both work and leisure.
  • Mitsubishi Triton - The Triton boasts a strong reputation for durability and versatility. With its advanced safety features and efficient engine options, it's a reliable choice for various industries.
  • Nissan Navara - Known for its rugged performance and comfortable ride, the Navara offers excellent towing capabilities and a well-designed interior, making it a popular option for businesses.
  • Isuzu D-Max - The D-Max is a reliable workhorse, equipped with a robust engine and a spacious load bed. Its durability and fuel efficiency make it a trusted choice for commercial needs.
  • Volkswagen Transporter - The Transporter offers versatility and efficiency, making it an excellent choice for cargo transportation. Its refined interior and advanced technology ensure a comfortable and connected driving experience.
  • Mercedes-Benz Sprinter - The Sprinter is synonymous with quality and reliability. With its spacious cargo area and advanced safety features, it's a preferred choice for businesses requiring premium transportation solutions.
  • Ford Transit - The Transit is a popular choice for businesses needing ample cargo space and versatility. Its comfortable cabin, fuel efficiency, and advanced technology make it a practical option.
  • Hyundai iLoad - The iLoad offers excellent value for money, combining reliability and functionality. With its spacious interior and efficient engine options, it's a dependable choice for commercial needs.
  • LDV V80 - The V80 delivers impressive load capacity and affordability. With its comfortable interior and reliable performance, it's a popular option for businesses seeking a cost-effective commercial vehicle.