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The Volkswagen T5 is a versatile and reliable vehicle that is popular in New Zealand. It comes in various models, including the Transporter, Caravelle, and Multivan, with engine options ranging from 2.0 to 2.5 litres.

The T5 is known for its spacious interior, comfortable ride, and excellent handling on New Zealand roads. It is a popular choice for families, businesses, and outdoor enthusiasts who need a vehicle that can handle both city and off-road driving. With its fuel-efficient diesel engines and advanced safety features, the T5 is a practical and stylish choice for anyone looking for a reliable and versatile vehicle in New Zealand.

Volkswagen T5

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$122.03 weekly
$122.03 weekly
TRANSPORTER DSG 2.0 diesel NZ new (one owner) *275,531km*
$122.03 weekly
$122.03 weekly
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We include in these search results any new and used vehicles for sale across New Zealand including the major centres such as Auckland (Auckland Region), Wellington (Wellington Region), Christchurch (Canterbury Region), Hamilton (Waikato Region), Tauranga (Bay of Plenty Region), Napier-Hastings (Hawke's Bay Region), Dunedin (Otago Region), Palmerston North (Manawatū Region), Nelson (Nelson Region), Queenstown (Otago Region), Rotorua (Bay of Plenty Region) and Whangārei (Northland Region).

Technical Specifications

  • Engine: 2.0L TDI diesel engine
  • Power: 103 kW
  • Torque: 340 Nm
  • Transmission: 6-speed manual or 7-speed DSG automatic
  • Seating Capacity: 9 passengers
  • Cargo Space: 5.8 cubic metres
  • Wheelbase: 3.4 metres
  • Length: 5.3 metres
  • Width: 1.9 metres
  • Height: 1.9 metres

This is a guide – technical specifications may vary vehicle to vehicle.

Volkswagen T5 variants

Variant Overview Tech Specs
Volkswagen T5 Transporter Entry-level commercial van with a spacious cargo area and basic features. Engine: 2.0L 4-cylinder diesel
Power: 75 kW
Torque: 250 Nm
Cargo Volume: 5.8-9.3 m³
Volkswagen T5 Caravelle People mover with seating for up to 9 passengers and more comfort features. Engine: 2.0L 4-cylinder diesel
Power: 103 kW
Torque: 340 Nm
Seating Capacity: 7-9
Cargo Volume: 0.8-4.0 m³
Volkswagen T5 Multivan Family van with versatile seating options and advanced safety features. Engine: 2.0L 4-cylinder diesel
Power: 132 kW
Torque: 400 Nm
Seating Capacity: 5-7
Cargo Volume: 0.8-4.0 m³
Volkswagen T5 California Camper van with a pop-up roof, kitchenette, and sleeping accommodations. Engine: 2.0L 4-cylinder diesel
Power: 103-132 kW
Torque: 340-400 Nm
Seating Capacity: 4-7
Cargo Volume: 0.8-4.0 m³

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