Roadside Assistance comparison NZ

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Published 3 September 2020

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Guide to roadside assistance NZ

There are plenty of providers in New Zealand that can be called 24/7 nationwide to assist if you break down. Below are our top 5 picks when we compared roadside assistance in NZ.

Why do you need roadside assistance?

Even if you’re well versed in car repairs, you can’t always be prepared with the tools to get yourself back on the road. Each provider offers similar roadside cover, including all the basics such as; flat tyres, flat battery, running out of fuel, mechanical/electrical failure, or being locked out of the vehicle. While some offer a more premium assistance option which often includes rental cars, more included callouts and towed vehicles (caravans and trailers etc).

Top five roadside assistance providers NZ


24/7 standard cover

Price: AA membership is $89 for your first year, this cost gets cheaper the more years you are a member. AA members get discounts on their insurance policy. 

Call outs per year:

View AA’s Roadside Assistance Policy 

AMI Insurance 

24/7 standard cover

Price: Standard option $32 per year, premium option $76 per year

Call outs per year: Standard option allows 3 call outs and premium allows 5 call outs

View AMI’s Roadside Assistance Policy 


24/7 standard cover 

Price: $30 per year if you have an insurance policy with State

Call outs per year: 3

View State’s Roadside Assistance Policy 


24/7 standard cover

Price: $3 per month in addition to your Tower insurance policy

Call outs per year: 3

View Tower’s Roadside Assistance Policy 


24/7 standard cover

Price: $69 per year

Call outs per year: 6

View VTNZ’s Roadside Assistance Policy 

Vehicle Manufacturers 

When purchasing a new car, many vehicle manufacturers will offer a roadside assistance package included in the price of the vehicle. Depending on the manufacturer, these can usually range from 3-5 years of cover. If you are buying a used vehicle, check with the dealership that you are purchasing from as they may be able to offer roadside assistance with the purchase.