AA executive urges government to scrap diesel charges

AutoTrader NZ
Published 3 September 2020

She made the comment at the end of this week’s AA Energywise economy rally.

Stocks says the rally, in which diesels figured prominently, showed the need to cut the charges. “(Road user charges) currently penalise these extremely fuel efficient vehicles and result in fewer of them being sold.” Diesels also have generally lower emissions.

Volkswagen’s diesel-engined Jetta BlueMotion won the Energywise Rally’s Prestige Environmental Award for combining low fuel use with lowest emissions.

Stocks’ call echoes those made by car company executives who argue that RUCs penalise unfairly drivers of fuel efficient diesel cars. Hyundai NZ boss, Phillip Eustace, has been prominent among motor industry advocates of abolishing RUCs.

Hyundai’s NZ range includes several diesels, and the company says it is committed to marketing green, environmentally-friendly cars..