Mitsubishi to launch electric cars in NZ

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Published 3 September 2020

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation has allocated a limited number of electric cars to Mitsubishi Motors NZ, which expects them to sell quickly through its six approved EV dealers.

Mitsubishi already has a list of people ready to own a iMiEV, according to Mitsubishi Motors NZ head of sales and marketing strategy Daniel Cook.

“These are the first mass produced EVs available to Kiwis and we’re excited to be able to deliver this leading edge environmentally conscious technology.”

There are currently eight electric vehicles in use around Wellington. Mayor Celia Wade-Brown says interest in the iMiEV trial extends beyond Wellington with numerous observers around the world.

“The trial is allowing us to gain a better understanding of how this exciting technology will change the way we travel and do business in Wellington,” says the Mayor.

Pace Courier driver Shane Collins is experiencing first-hand the benefits of the iMiEV. He travels around 90km per day in his Pace-branded iMiEV and says “the running cost reduction and sports car agility make it an excellent replacement for my diesel van”.

“These cars are designed for urban commuters,” said Cook. “The average commuter travels 32 km per day. Every couple of days they can plug the car into a 15 amp socket in their garage to recharge the batteries.”

A full recharge takes approximately seven hours and costs about $5. Depending on conditions, a full charge can power the iMiEV for up to 150km.

If caught short in the city, Wellington EV drivers now also have inner-city recharging options at the Harbour City Shell Service Station, where Greenstone Energy has installed a free 15-amp charging post.

The iMiEV will be on sale at approved Mitsubishi dealers from July 2011 for $59,990 including a 3-year / 100,000 km warranty, 3-years of free servicing and installation of one 15 amp socket in the home garage for charging.

“With free servicing and low costs of running, the i-MiEV represents an affordable way to drive New Zealand’s most environmentally friendly vehicle, and it’s available this year” said Cook.

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Authorised Mitsubishi Motors Dealers:

Auckland Motors – Auckland, Manakau

Andrew Simms Mitsubishi – Auckland, Newmarket

Simon Lucas Mitsubishi – Auckland, Northshore

Ingham Mitsubishi – Hamilton

Armstrong Mitsubishi – Wellington

Donnithorne Simms – Christchurch