Nissan to introduce Land Glider

AutoTrader NZ
Published 3 September 2020

Nissan’s zero emissions Land Glider is inspired by the motorcycle but rides on four wheels and is aimed at being an ultra-efficient urban transport vehicle.

The idea for the Land Glider came from two-wheelers. “With more than 50 per cent of the world’s population living in big cities in the near future, designers latched onto motorcycles as a credible base to start the design process,” explained Nissan.

The slim 1.1m-wide vehicle can house two passengers and lean up to 17 degrees in turns. Sensors for vehicle speed, steering angle and yaw rate ca;culate the level of lean required, allowing sharp cornering at any speed.

It is powered by two electric motors located in the rear of the vehicle, which Nissan says can charge wirelessly while the driver is out shopping or socialising.

Nissan’s concept also features an advanced ‘pre-collision’ safety system using an array of sensors in the vehicle’s body panels to “detect other vehicles in the same way as fish swim in schools without colliding”.

Inside, you’ll find two information displays, a rear passenger seat, and premium leather upholstery.

While production isn’t planned, Nissan stated the Land Glider “gives a clear direction to how a future small car from Nissan could look.”