New Mazda CX-60 Uses Facial Recognition to Automate your Seat!

AutoTrader NZ
Published 5 March 2022

Exploring the New Mazda CX-60: A Premier SUV for New Zealand Drivers

The New Zealand car market welcomes the Mazda CX-60, a mid-size crossover stepping into the luxury realm. With its striking ‘Kodo’ design philosophy, the CX-60 pairs elegance with dynamic functionality, making it a standout in both city settings and outdoor adventures.

Inside, the CX-60 boasts luxurious materials and a spacious cabin, perfect for the diverse needs of Kiwi families. Its panoramic sunroof and advanced ergonomics enhance every journey, providing a blend of comfort and sophistication.

Performance-wise, the CX-60 offers multiple powertrains, including a promising plug-in hybrid (PHEV) model. This option, featuring a 2.5-liter engine paired with an electric motor, balances robust power with exceptional fuel efficiency—ideal for New Zealand’s varied landscapes and increasing eco-awareness.

Safety and technology are at the forefront with Mazda’s latest driver-assistance systems and a cutting-edge infotainment setup supporting Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. These features ensure connectivity and safety across all travels.

Affordably priced, the Mazda CX-60 presents a luxurious yet practical choice for New Zealanders, aligning with the country’s sustainability goals and providing a versatile vehicle ready for both urban commutes and rugged explorations.

Mazda CX-60 Specifications

Body TypeMid-size crossover SUV
Seating Capacity5 passengers
Engine Options– 2.5-liter four-cylinder gasoline
 – 2.5-liter four-cylinder plug-in hybrid (PHEV)
Power Output– Gasoline: Approx. 190 hp
 – PHEV: Combined 322 hp
Torque– Gasoline: Approx. 250 Nm
 – PHEV: 500 Nm combined
Transmission8-speed automatic
Drivetrain– Standard rear-wheel drive
 – Optional all-wheel drive
Fuel Efficiency– Gasoline: TBD
 – PHEV: TBD, expected to be highly efficient
Dimensions– Length: Approx. 4,740 mm
 – Width: Approx. 1,890 mm
 – Height: Approx. 1,680 mm
WheelbaseApprox. 2,870 mm
Cargo CapacityApprox. 570 liters
Safety Features– Advanced driver-assistance systems
 – 360-degree camera system
 – Lane-keeping assist
 – Adaptive cruise control
Technology– Infotainment system with touchscreen
 – Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility
 – Premium sound system
Starting PriceEstimated to start around NZ$70,000 (subject to change)