Toyota’s Revamped Land Cruiser 70 Set to Grace New Zealand Roads Once Again

AutoTrader NZ
Published 4 August 2023

Toyota New Zealand announced that the revered Land Cruiser 70 (LC70) will be reintroduced to the New Zealand market by the end of this year. On the 3rd of August, Neeraj Lala, the CEO of Toyota New Zealand, elucidated on the unique attributes of the vehicle, emphasising its significance to the local audience.

Key Features of the Updated LC70:

  • Engine Configuration: Nestled under the hood is the efficient 2.8-litre turbo diesel four-cylinder, derived from the trustworthy Toyota Hilux. Producing a noteworthy 150kW/500Nm, it retains the impressive 3500kg towing capacity. Although the engine registers a decrease of 1kW in comparison to the previous 4.5-litre turbo diesel V8, it compensates with an added 70Nm of torque. This blend ensures reduced emissions coupled with improved fuel economy.
  • Design Philosophy: The renewed LC70 heralds a return to foundational principles, manifesting an aesthetic that mirrors the robustness of its forerunners. With references to the iconic Land Cruiser 40 Series, the vehicle showcases functional circular headlights and a bonnet-cooling vent. The interior accommodates a state-of-the-art 4.2-inch digital driver’s display complemented by a 6.7-inch infotainment screen equipped with wired phone mirroring capabilities.
  • Trim Variants: Potential buyers will have the choice between the LT and LX trim levels. Detailed distinctions between these offerings will be released in subsequent announcements.

Understanding the Legacy of the Land Cruiser

The Land Cruiser stands as more than a mere vehicle; it embodies a legacy, encapsulating Toyota’s unwavering commitment to quality, resilience, and reliability. This vehicle series has historically prioritised functionality and structure, superseding transient design trends.

An interesting fact for automobile aficionados: The inception of the Land Cruiser can be dated back to 1951, designed as Japan's response to the American Jeep during the Korean War. Over the ensuing decades, it underwent numerous evolutions but remained true to its original ethos. The Land Cruiser, over its storied history, has secured a plethora of awards, solidifying its position as a globally recognised off-road marvel.

“The Land Cruiser 70 has a loyal following in New Zealand, and the new vehicle represents a 'back to the roots' concept in terms of design. It truly can go anywhere – it’s just as at home up in the craggy backcountry of the South Island as it is cruising along Ninety Mile Beach in the Far North or helping wrangle livestock on the farm. It’s the ultimate representation of the outdoor working vehicle, of making the inaccessible parts of New Zealand accessible,” says Neeraj Lala, the CEO of Toyota New Zealand.

Evaluating the LC70 for the New Zealand Market:

  1. Versatility: The LC70, with its multifaceted attributes, is adept at navigating diverse terrains, from rugged mountainous landscapes to sandy beaches and agricultural fields.
  2. Economic Contribution: Catering to essential sectors such as primary industries and construction, the vehicle is integral to the economic pillars that contribute an estimated $36,305 million to the nation's GDP annually.
  3. Blend of Heritage and Modernity: The LC70 seamlessly merges the Land Cruiser's rich heritage with contemporary technological advancements. Although it reverberates with historical significance, it embraces the modern age with open arms.

The Road Ahead

While the global automotive narrative is dominated by electrification, Toyota's decision to reintroduce a non-electrified yet enviably efficient model like the LC70 underscores their commitment to diverse customer segments. This vehicle, with its intricate details, rich lineage, and consistent performance, is poised to resonate with the New Zealand market later this year.

For the discerning and technically inclined audience, the advent of the revamped Land Cruiser 70 is not merely a product launch; it signifies the resurgence of an icon. Spanning over seven decades, the LC70 encapsulates historical depth, present-day relevance, and anticipations of a promising future.

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