Where to Dispose Old Engine Oil?

AutoTrader NZ
Published 14 May 2024

Have you just given your car a detox by replacing the engine oil? It can be challenging to know where to dispose of the old consumables.

Check out our guide on where you can dispose of your oil for FREE!

Oil Recycling:

If you don’t dispose of used engine oil correctly, it can become a serious environmental hazard. Dumping it improperly might cause it to seep into our rivers and streams, risking the health of the water and the wildlife that depends on it. Fortunately, recycling used engine oil is straightforward and often free at many drop-off locations throughout the country.

Free Oil Disposal Locations:

  • Supercheap Auto: Refill your old oil back into the oil container and simply return it to the yellow oil recycling bin located at your local Supercheap Auto for free. This is for amounts up to 10L.
  • Repco: Similar to Supercheap Auto, refill your old oil into the container and return it to the green or red recycling bin at your local store, for amounts up to 10L.
  • Waste Oil Collection: If you have a workshop with excessive amounts of used oil, companies such as Waste Oil Collection will collect anything over 400L for free.

Engine Oil Recycling Location Comparison:

Service ProviderService OfferedLocation AvailabilityCapacity LimitationsService TypeCost
Supercheap AutoEngine Oil NationwideUp to 10L Drop-offFree
RepcoEngine Oil NationwideUp to 10L Drop-offFree
Waste Oil CollectionEngine OilService-specific areasOver 400LPick-upFree
Engine oil recycling comparison table