Toyota Corolla Hatch ZR Hybrid Review

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Published 3 November 2022

The Toyota Corolla ZR Hybrid is a part of the 12th generation and is a significant advancement in the Corolla lineup. The hybrid technology has evolved, and the ZR Hybrid has become more popular due to its combination of performance and fuel efficiency.

In New Zealand, the Toyota Corolla has been a household name for many years. The shift towards hybrid models reflects the consumer preference in the country and aligns with Toyota's goals to reduce its carbon footprint. Given New Zealand's diverse terrains and sometimes long distances between towns, the impressive fuel efficiency of the Toyota Corolla ZR Hybrid is a significant plus for Kiwi drivers.

The following are some key features and information on the Toyota Corolla ZR Hybrid:

Performance and Efficiency

  • It's powered by a 1.8L engine coupled with a 70kW electric motor, giving a total system output of 103kW.
  • The hybrid technology allows for increased electric drive ratios, often enabling 50% of driving time on electric power.
  • Acceleration from 0-100km/h takes just under 10 seconds.
  • It has an impressive fuel efficiency, with users reporting figures as low as 1.7L/100km in certain conditions.
  • It has a self-charging hybrid system with a range of around 800km, and it never needs to be plugged in for charging.

Design and Comfort

  • It features a sleek and modern design, especially in ZR two-tone guise.
  • The interior is equipped with a 12.3-inch driver instrument binnacle and an 8-inch infotainment touchscreen.
  • Leather and suede-accented seats, dual-zone air conditioning, and full LED lighting are some of the luxurious features.

Safety and Technology

  • It has a range of safety features and received a five-star ANCAP rating in 2018.
  • Equipped with a head-up display, Qi wireless charger, and various digital readouts.
  • Regenerative braking is also featured for better energy efficiency.

Price and Availability

  • The starting price is $42,790, which is a drive -away price, and a Clean Car Discount Rebate of $3,418 is available.
  • Due to their popularity, the availability of Toyota hybrid models might be limited, and there might be a waiting period for delivery.

Unique Fact

Did you know that the Toyota Corolla was the first car in the automotive world to introduce a curved windscreen? This innovation was introduced in 1966 and has since become a standard feature in modern cars.

Road Noise Consideration

The Toyota Corolla ZR Hybrid features numerous amenities; however, it's worth noting that there is some road noise, averaging around 75.4dB. For context, typical road noise levels in cars can range from 65dB to 70dB. While this is slightly above average, road noise can be influenced by various factors including road surface, speed, and tires.

Final Thoughts

The Toyota Corolla ZR Hybrid Hatch is a compelling option for those in New Zealand looking for a car that combines performance, fuel efficiency, and a range of features. The history and reputation of the Corolla, coupled with Toyota’s move towards more sustainable options, make this a strong contender for anyone considering a new car purchase in New Zealand.

A Brief History of Toyota Corolla in New Zealand

Since its inception in 1966, the Toyota Corolla has been a beloved model among car enthusiasts globally, including New Zealand. Over 50 million have been sold worldwide, making it the best-selling car globally.

Variants Over The Years

Generation Years of Production Key Features and Changes
1st 1966-1970 Introduced with a 1100cc engine, MacPherson struts, and a curved windscreen.
2nd 1970-1978 Offered larger body, new engine families, and coupe, liftback and estate bodies.
3rd 1974-1981 Introduced square, more modern design, and 5-speed manual gearbox option.
4th 1981-1987 Introduced front-wheel drive, hatchback model, and diesel engines.
5th 1983-1987 Offered more aerodynamic styling, GT-S model, and all-wheel drive.
6th 1987-1991 Introduced more rounded body shape, new engines, and ABS brakes.
7th 1991-1995 Introduced driver airbag, more roomy interior, and more efficient engines.
8th 1995-2000 Introduced the first Corolla with a longer wheelbase and new engines.
9th 2000-2006 More luxury features, VVT-i engines, and new platform.
10th 2006-2013 Introduced new styling, improved handling, and higher quality interior.
11th 2012-2019 New design language, improved fuel efficiency, and more safety features.
12th 2019-Present Latest generation, introduced hybrid technology, modern design, and improved performance.
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